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A Comprehensive Approach to Pain Management - Franklin MA, Warwick & South Kingstown RI

Currently, the common practice with patients with chronic spinal pain is a direct referral to a spine surgeon, which almost always results in surgery. This is not only an invasive approach with a long recovery period, but can also result in an unresolved pain condition. Furthermore, surgery can result in additional chronic pain related to surgery. Generally, patients get referred to a pain specialist only after surgery.

A Comprehensive Approach to Pain Management

The specialists at The Franklin Pain and Wellness Center are working hard to change that mentality in the medical community and among the general population. An evaluation by a pain specialist prior to surgery could benefit the patient tremendously. The patient should be seen by a surgeon, only after attempts to control or resolve the pain condition using minimally invasive techniques, fails.

Treatment plans at The Franklin Pain and Wellness Center include a comprehensive approach to pain management with medications management. Minimally invasive procedures such as Kyphoplasty and Spinal Cord Stimulation are used as alternatives to injection therapy. This interdisciplinary approach aims to resolve chronic pain permanently with a marginal recovery period. The Franklin pain specialists pride themselves on maintaining strong communication with all physicians involved in the patients’ care. Additionally, an on-site urine toxicology screening is used to assure patients’ compliance with medical management.

Based on experience with various post-surgical cases, the pain specialists at The Franklin Pain and Wellness Center feel that this approach improves outcome. In addition, it’s most beneficial from a financial point of view.

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