Comprehensive Pain Management
(Formally known as Franklin Pain and Wellness and Warwick Pain)

Attleboro, MA(508) 236-8333
Franklin, MA(508) 541-0004
South Kingstown, RI (401) 234-9677
Warwick, RI(401) 352-0007

Franklin, MA • (508) 541-0004
Warwick, RI • (401) 352-0007
South Kingstown, RI • (401) 234-9677

"Warm, friendly, caring group of people, they listen and truly understand what you are going through."

Attleboro, MA Office

Franklin, MA Office

South Kingstown, RI Office

Warwick, RI Office

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Comprehensive Pain Management and Treatment in MA & RI

The pain and wellness center located in Franklin MA, Warwick RI, and South Kingstown RI features a welcoming reception area with comfortable chairs, a plasmatelevision and a comforting and pleasant environment. You will be treated in one of our newly built exam rooms with the latest diagnostic equipment.

These specialists have now determined methods and treatments to also minimize chronic pain such as lower back; neck; head aches; post herpetic neuralgia (shingles); reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD); maxillofacial pain and other chronic ailments.

Types of Chronic and Acute Pain

Acute pain such as pain after surgery, recent injury or an acquired medical illness that persists and evolves into chronic pain would require the involvement of a pain specialist. Nerve damage or musculoskeletal (system in the body that enables movement using the skeletal system and muscles in harmony) injuries and conditions are another common source of chronic pain.

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Pain Treatment & Management Procedures

These quick and relatively painless procedures require only local anesthesia, but intravenous sedation is available for most of the procedures in order to alleviate anxiety and minor discomfort associated with the procedure. You will receive detailed pre and post procedure instructions and our friendly staff is always there to answer any additional questions you may have.

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Read what our patients are saying about us...

I feel incredibly better. Your staff has been helpful and professional. I would highly recommend this clinic for anyone with back problems.

This place is amazing!! I had never thought about getting botox or fillers until my early thirties when I started to see some changes in my face. When I found out an office was opening the next town over from where I live and better yet above my dental office I decided to check it out.

My family and friends that knew I was having the procedure done are amazed by the results. The best part for me is that it looks and feels so natural. No one will be able to look at me and say.. "Wow she just had Botox". They will just wonder what my secret is to looking so young.

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