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Kyphoplasty Procedure Enables Bedridden Female to Walk

Each year an estimated 1.4 million people worldwide suffer a spinal fracture. Most often these fractures are caused by osteoporosis that weakens bones. Left untreated, spinal fractures can cause pain and limit one’s ability to perform simple activities, which can lead to a diminished quality of life. Multiple fractures can also result in height loss, a hunched back and other physical problems. Kyphoplasty is a minimally-invasive procedure which treats spinal fractures caused by osteoporosis. It is designed to provide rapid back pain relief and help straighten the spine.

A Patient Tells The Franklin Pain and Wellness Center...

I fell in May 2010 injuring my back severely but x-rays showed nothing. Dr. Shwartzman was recommended to me at the “pain clinic”. He ordered an MRI and found that I had a fractured vertebrae. A Kyphoplasty was done by Dr. Shwartzman and I felt better.

While recuperating at home, two weeks later, I turned over on the sofa and more fractures happened. We put into the insurance company for permission to repair the other fractured vertebrae. They denied the procedures and I remained bed-ridden because I could barely walk, even to go to the bathroom. It was necessary to get an attorney involved in my case. The insurance company decided to give permission for the Kyphoplasty repair to be done. The reason they apparently denied at first was because they felt there wasn’t any proof that the procedures worked.

Each time I returned to the pain clinic for a re-check, more fractures were found. My husband had to walk me to the rest room because I wasn’t able to walk on my own. I couldn’t even bathe myself because I wasn’t able to stand. Whenever we went to the pain clinic and my husband drove over bumps, I screamed in pain.

Now, after 6 Kyphoplasty procedures, I am able to walk! At first I needed 2 canes to walk, and then I was able to go to one cane. Now I can walk without a cane for short distances. I still have pain if I am on my feet for long periods or walking long distances, but this pain is nothing in comparison to the pain I was in before the Kyphoplasty procedures.

Dr. Shwartzman gave me my life back and I am so thankful that Kyphoplasty was available to me. People told me before the Kyphoplasty was done that my skin color was gray because of the pain I was in. Now I have my normal skin color and I feel so much better thanks to Dr. Shwartzman and the Kyphoplasty procedures. If anyone has fractured vertebrae, Dr. Shwartzman can help. He certainly helped me. I can’t say enough about the Kyphoplasty procedure and how it helped me, and I can’t thank Dr. Shwartzman enough for his expertise and how much he has helped me.



A Friendly Hello from the Office Manager:


Meredith Uminsky graduated from The Framingham Union School of Nursing in 1990. Prior to starting at The Franklin Pain and Wellness Center in 2008, Meredith was in Labor and Delivery for 17 years. In the summer of 2011 Meredith became the office manager at Franklin Pain Center and has been a great leader for both patients and staff.

Meredith is married and has four kids. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family. Some of Meredith’s favorite hobbies are hiking, kayaking, camping, reading and knitting. Meredith is a friendly face here at The Franklin Pain Center and her desire to help people is felt by anyone who meets her.



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