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Referral Information

CPM requires referrals to the group NPI so you’re able to be seen by any of our physicians. If the group NPI cannot be referred to, then we will need referrals for each one of our physicians. 


Franklin's Group NPI: 1396956298
Warwick Group NPI: 1518100056
South Kingston Group NPI: 1518100056
Sturdy (ATTLEBORO) Pain Group NPI: 1730106162


NPI 1316966393   Do Chan, MD 

NPI 1598766081  Boris Shwartzman, MD 

NPI  1164770400  Mohammed Chaudary, MD

NPI  1720366719  Tarsha Huftalen, NP

NPI 1346691631 Lindsay Leddy, NP

NPI 1679925291  Ryan McGovern, NP 

Franklin Fax: 508-630-1665
Warwick Fax: 401-352-0023
South County Fax: 401-267-4536
Sturdy (ATTLEBORO)  Pain Fax: 508-236-8331
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