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Bone tumors can cause severe pain, and the OsteoCool™ RF Ablation System offers a safe and effective path to relieve much of that discomfort. At Comprehensive Pain Management, Do Chan, MD, MBA, has the skill and experience needed to leverage this technology to help reduce the pain of bone tumors for men and women from Attleboro or Franklin, Massachusetts, as well as South Kingstown or Warwick, Rhode Island. Schedule an appointment today to learn more. You can book your visit by phone today.

Osteocool Q & A

What is the OsteoCool RF Ablation System?

Pain management has seen an astounding number of technological innovations in recent years, and the OsteoCool RF Ablation System is a prime example. This platform offers trained practitioners the ability to treat metastatic malignant lesions in spinal bone tissue.

The system is both powerful and incredibly precise, allowing your specialist to treat targeted tissue while preserving surrounding healthy tissue types. There are four active tip sizes available, which provides a range of treatment options. The system also uses customized algorithms specifically devised to treat bone tissue.

How does radiofrequency ablation work?

This treatment option uses a CT scanner to determine the exact location of a bone tumor and guide the RF probe to the appropriate position. Next, a radiofrequency current is delivered to the targeted tissue, heating the cancerous cells until they’re effectively eliminated. Steps are taken to prevent nearby organs from absorbing dangerous levels of heat during treatment.

Another benefit of using radiofrequency ablation to treat bone tumors is the opportunity to seal small blood vessels in the treatment area. This reduces the risk of bleeding during and after treatment.

How does the OsteoCool RF Ablation System prevent adjacent tissue damage?

One of the things that makes this system such a valuable tool is the use of coaxial, bipolar technology to control the power levels. The active tip of the probe is filled with circulating water, which cools the probe to the proper temperature.

The system also monitors temperature continuously, and it automatically makes adjustments to maintain the proper temperature range from start to finish. That automation leaves Dr. Chan and Dr. Shwartzman free to focus on the cancerous cells.  

Why choose OsteoCool RF Ablation over other options?

Many men and women choose spinal tumor ablation after other treatments have failed to yield the desired results. Some have tried opioid medications to control pain; others have undergone chemotherapy and/or radiation.

At times, these efforts are simply not sufficient to address the pain that stems from bone tumors. That pain can be incapacitating, and it can take a toll on your mental health as well as your physical health. OsteoCool RF Ablation offers fast pain relief without a long list of side effects.

If you’ve tried various pain management treatments to address bone tumor pain but haven’t found the right approach for your specific needs, schedule a consultation at Comprehensive Pain Management to discuss whether OsteoCool RF Ablation might be a good fit. You can set up your visit by phone today.