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Comprehensive Pain Management takes prescribed medications very seriously due to their potential addictive properties. A full medical evaluation is performed to determine whether or not the patient is a candidate for the medications management program.

Once on the program, it is imperative that the patient fully complies with the program guidelines. This ensures successful treatment and overall well-being of the patient. Failure to comply with the program and recommended treatments can result in discharge from the program. Our patients are carefully monitored with routine urine drug testing as well as comprehensive behavioral assessments if necessary.

The medications management program is a component of the comprehensive pain treatment plan customized for each patient and our goal is to keep each patient on the lowest possible dose of opioid and analgesic medications. The program is designed to help patients improve mobility, functionality and their quality of life.

Cancellation Policy:

$50 cancellation fee will be charged for rescheduling a medication management visit with less than three business days notice. This fee must be paid prior to you seeing your pain specialist.

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