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Five Tips for Staying Active and Healthy During the Colder Months

Five Tips for Staying Active and Healthy During the Colder Months

Fall in New England can be a beautiful time of year, tempting you to go outdoors to get some exercise. October is also the month when we start to look ahead toward the long, cold, and often confining months of winter. 

Since another event takes place in October — Health Literacy Month — we want to take this opportunity to underscore the importance of exercising year-round.

At Comprehensive Pain Management, our capable team of pain management specialists, led by Drs. Boris Shwartzman and Do Chan, appreciates the many health benefits of getting enough exercise. While we offer a wide range of pain management services, a little exercise can go a long way toward combating your pain and inflammation, not to mention improving your quality of life and overall health.

So, let’s not allow winter to force us onto the couch. Instead, why not try some of the following tips?

1. Take advantage of remote classes

One of the biggest changes to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic is the proliferation of on-line exercise classes. As people sheltered at home, gyms, yoga instructors, and personal trainers took to the internet to offer their services. 

This change in how we can stay fit will serve New Englanders well during the winter months, as you now have access to more online exercise classes than ever before, since physical location is no longer a barrier.

So, outfit yourself with some weights, a yoga mat, and some exercise bands and try out a few different online classes.

2. Get outside whenever you can

While a day filled with sleet is no day to be outside, when there’s a bit of sunshine, we urge you to head outdoors. A little sun on your skin boosts your vitamin D, which is critical for good bone health. So, bundle up and try to get out for a little activity whenever the weather cooperates.

3. Turn New England chores into exercise

Life in New England has no shortage of necessary chores — from raking leaves to shoveling snow. Instead of dreading these activities, why not flip the narrative and view them as wonderful opportunities to get your heart rate up and build muscles?

4. Pick up a new winter activity

Another great tip is to try your hand at some of the many different cold-weather activities that are available in our area, such as:

Not only will you get some exercise, these activities can take the edge off the season as you have the opportunity to truly enjoy yourself out in the winter landscape

5. Enlist friends

One of the best ways to stay active is to gather friends and family together in the effort. A group walk around the neighborhood, the park, or on the beach is a great way to socialize, exercise, and, most importantly, provides you with that extra push, since others are counting on your presence.

Or, perhaps, you can invite a friend or two to join you at your house for an online class. In doing this, you get the best of both worlds — being in the company of others and benefiting from qualified training as you create your own version of a class.

If you would like some more ideas or you’d like to figure out which exercises and activities would be best for your health, please contact one of our offices in South Kingstown or Warwick, Rhode Island, or Attleboro or Franklin, Massachusetts.

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